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Someone already had similar question but he wanted to convert FLAC into MP3. In my case I want to convert WAV into MP3 and the solution in the other question doesn't help me.

Workflow would be the following: I drop WAV files into folder A, they are converted as MP3 files into folder B. Converted WAV files would be moved into folder C so I would know which WAV files are already converted.

I would like to have full control for the MP3 encoding settings, e.g. bitrate, frequency, channels etc. I guess the best encoder for my purpose would be LAME but I think using iTunes is also ok. I work on Mac. Is there a way to do this automation? I have tried to use Automator but with bad success.

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Does anyone know? :/ –  nqw1 Aug 17 '11 at 8:16

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