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How do I easily open my current vim buffers/arguments in a separate window/tab each?

I know about:

$ vim one.txt two.txt three.txt -O

However if I simply start vim with:

$ vim one.txt two.txt three.txt

How can I replicate this behaviour once I've already started vim?

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To split all buffers use :sba or :vert sba

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Thanks! :tab sball opens all buffers in a tab each. – Klaas van Schelven Aug 16 '11 at 8:39

Vim command :sba has also a shortcut: :ba.

:[N]ba[ll] [N] :[N]sba[ll] [N] Rearrange the screen to open one window for each buffer in the buffer list.

To back again to single tag, use: :on (:only).

:on[ly][!] Make the current window the only one on the screen. All other windows are closed.

To quit, use: :qa

See also: How to convert all windows into horizontal, vertical or tab splits? at Vim SE

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