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Until today I used Twhirl, but I want to give TweetDeck a chance.

However, it seems that I can only either minimize it to the task bar or close it; both options aren't ideal.

Is there an option to minimize TweetDeck to a tray icon?

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Plenty of ways to skin this cat if the program doesn't offer the feature 'Minimize to Tray':

TrayIt! will do the trick.

alt text

TaskswitcherXP can also minimize any application to the system tray (but as the name implies, only works for XP)

alt text

And then there is Pitaschio which can also 'Minimize to Tray'. i'm using it to tray email clients and web browsers.

alt text

Of course all these programs are free.

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Not from within the program itself, it seems to have been taken out for some reason. Although you can use Tray It! to send any app to the tray:

alt text

alt text

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