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I've been shopping online for a good wireless range extender. I have a workshop located approximately 500 feet from my house (network) and a grain dryer which I would like to have wireless access near which is located about 2000 feet from my network.

I've looked at Ayrstone AyrMesh™ and it appears to be what i'm looking for, however the price is pretty steep. Can anyone suggest a product that they have used that may fit my needs?

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Build a simple parabolic antenna system. There are several DIY kits for this online that apparently work quite well for line of site communication. – music2myear Aug 16 '11 at 20:50
Any PC wireless solution with up to 1 mile range is going to be expensive. Only other solution is fiber. – Moab Aug 16 '11 at 20:52
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Is the workshop powered by an AC feed from the house (ie: on the same power phase)? If so, homeplug-type power adaptors typically work up to about 300m (about 980 feet).

For the grain dryer you will either need to do trial-and-error with directional antennas on standard wifi kit (might get about 1Mbit at that distance), but remember that it's no good having a directional high-gain antenna on one end and expecting a laptop or handheld device to 'make it' back too - you'll need a point-to-point link setup to bring the wireless to the grain store and then a local access point to distribute it.

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