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So when I search in Spotlight, is there a keyboard shortcut to go straight to the Dictionary result?

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I don't know know any way to do that, but I suggest two workarounds:

  • Type dic in the spotlight search, press enter to open the application and then write the word
  • If you select a word, you can press + ^ + d or double tap with three fingers to show its definition (this only works with certain applications)
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Actually typing dic in spotlight is what I am doing now. Not bad, but just typing the word and then some single keyboard shortcut for dictionary would be even better... – c00kiemonster Aug 17 '11 at 3:43

Did you know you can hit Command-Control-d anywhere in Mac OS X and it will pop up a dictionary definition for whatever word is under the mouse pointer?

That might be a better solution for you than Cmd-Space, type word, select Dictionary.

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Yes i am aware of that shortcut. But I rarely use it as it's a bit of a finger twister. Command-Space for spotlight i use all the time however, it's more like a conditioned reflex than a conscious thought which Command-Control-d is. Thanks anyway – c00kiemonster Aug 17 '11 at 3:41

After you have your search term entered in spotlight:

CMD+D - Open in dictionary

CMD+L - Show quick look (dictionary)

See other cool Spotlight shortcuts:

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