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I have the following networks:

Now both network segments are created by a Cisco Linksys VPN Router. To both network segments we can connect through a static IP via VPN.

Now I want to this:

I want that users connected to VPN2, which is the 50.x network to be able to reach servers form the 274.x network. To do this, I thought let's connect both VPN router with a network cable. (the lan ports). On VPN2 I setup the mode from gateway to router and created an advanced static route(, Sub:, GW:

But I am still not able to ping a machine in 174.0. Is it impossible what I want to do or where might be an issue?

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To route packets between different VLANs, enable the Multiple VLANs option on the Multiple VLANs screen, and then select the VLANs on the Inter-VLAN Routing screen.

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more info: Inter-VLAN Routing Option To allow packets to travel from one VLAN to another, follow these instructions (optional): Access the web-based utility of the RVL200. (Refer to “Chapter 4: Advanced Configuration” for details.) Click the DHCP tab. Click the Inter-VLAN Routing tab. Select the VLANs that can route packets to each other: VLAN1, VLAN2, VLAN3, and/or VLAN4. – John Aug 17 '11 at 17:39
hmm I am not sure that this would help because we are not using VLANs. – WorldSignia Aug 18 '11 at 9:31

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