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In my company, IT has blocked the use of Windows Live Messenger client, but I am able to log in to Web Messenger just fine.

When I try to sign in to the same Live ID via Zune Desktop software (latest version, with all patches applied) on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, it fails with a generic error code C00D11CD. The "web help" page is here and provides no real help nor resolution.

I suspect Zune Desktop mimics WLM then and since that protocol/port is blocked, I cannot sign in from the desktop software? Anything else I can check/fix to successfully log in?

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It sounds like your company has blocked access to the servers that Windows Live Messenger and Zune software communicate with to sign in. I don't think there is a solution.

You can always try signing in on

You can also try installing Fiddler, enable HTTPS tracing and then use this to see what service API call is failing. This should give you some clue on whether connections are being blocked.

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