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I know that before capturing packets, I can select specific interface.

I wonder is there any filter to distinguish different interfaces after I capture packets?

That is, at the beginning, I capture packets of all interfaces.

After that, I can using "some filter" for different interfaces.

Does anyone know about it?

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The "Linux cooked" capture mode doesn't distinguish in any way between packets from different interfaces. You can only filter the results by IP address.

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Thanks for your reply! – joyce7216 Aug 18 '11 at 8:22

Since Wireshark 1.8 and while using the pcap-ng capture format you can use frame.interface_id. It is a number of the interface the frame was captured from. To map the number to the actual interface see the Statistics > Summary window. The first interface in the table has number 0 and the other follow.

I tested this on Ubuntu 12.04.3 (kernel 3.2.0-57), Wireshark 1.10.3.

For additional details see:

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You can filter a bit when you are using Linux cooked capture, using the SLL filter. Take a look at, and look for options in the Filter Expression window.

Although you can't exactly filter each interface, you can for example select the type of interface with 'sll.hatype == 1' for ethernet or 'sll.hatype == 512' for ppp interfaces (see values in if_arp.h header file).

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