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How to create my own custom action in Microsoft Outlook Rules?

In Outlook, when creating a rule in the Rules wizard, we set first the conditions and then set the actions that we choose from a list of predefined actions. Is there a way to add my own action to the existing actions programmatically?

I also see an action called custom action, when i click it it opens up a small window with an empty combobox, can i add my custom action there, and how?

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It is not possible to implement a custom action using pure .NET code. You have create a native DLL. But do you really need it? I assure you, that implementing and supporting the custom action is a pretty tricky challenge.

I suggest you to create a VBA script and use "run a script" Rule Wizard action instead.

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By the way, there are no custom actions in Outlook 2013 any more... – thims Sep 18 '13 at 18:28

Microsoft has a bunch of documentation here on how to create custom actions for Outlook 2007.

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Thanks for the link, but they don't create a custom Action there. Would like to know if i can create a custom action (RuleAction) to be added to the Rules Actions – Zee99 Aug 18 '11 at 10:55

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