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I installed xampp and made sure config file listens to port 80. I forwarded the http port from the router to the correct computer ip. Now I am trying to access the index.html like this from another house http://myip:80 But it is not working. What could it be wrong?

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Does it work via localhost? – boot13 Aug 19 '11 at 22:27

You must to have at least server with used ServerName in Apache config Can't tell more while I don't know - Do you use virtual hosts - Which module, if use

In short - show you httpd.conf after comment "main" server configuration

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If you are using Windows-System, try the following steps to find the bug:

  • First of all, try to reach the host by using the ping-command.
  • If this works, make sure, that the hosts-firewall ist not blocking incoming request to port 80.
  • There are the following, necessary settings in your httpd.conf-file:
    • Listen 80
    • ServerName YourServer:80 Try to use ServerName the same name as your Windows-Computername.
  • It might be useful to know, if you run SKYPE, there's an option that allows Skype to use port 80 for communication. This might block the apache-service to run properly and maybe prevents the page from beeing accessed.

I hope, this helps!

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