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When one has many clips in the playlist, how do i delete them all in one go? Curently, I press delete 22 times in a row to delete 22 videos! I rather use the same colour/brightness settings that's why I reuse instead of closing the player and opening up a new one.

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Note that you can store these settings in the preferences. – Tom Wijsman Aug 19 '11 at 13:15

If you're talking about VLC in a window, then with the playlist open, press CTRLA to select all the elements in the playlist, then press DEL to delete all tracks ;)

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You can select all the clips with your mouse, then hit the DEL button to delete the selected clips.

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Other than with CTRL+A, you can also drag with your mouse around the files, and press DEL.

Dragging and dropping also works well, to add new files.

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Right-click in the playlist window and select Clear Playlist.

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