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I would like to present data in Microsoft Visio Diagrams.

On my own workstation I can add data sources like an SQL server and bind data to shapes in the diagram.

When I save such a document to disk as a Viso Drawing (.vsd) and send this document to another person, all data is preserved, but refreshing this data is impossible. (data becomes static) So I suppose the "other person" is missing something in the document I send him.

Besides that:

  • I am using Microsoft Visio Premium (together with a full setup sharepoint developer environment)
  • He is using Microsoft Visio 2010 Standard. His menu also lacks the availability of the Data tab in the menu.

the data menu that is available on my workstation

I am trying to determine if:

  1. The difference in versions also eliminates the use of "live" data.
  2. The document has to be saved in a different format in the first place (not as .vsd)
  3. An alternative solution for this problem if both above are not possible.
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