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I'm using the gnome system monitor applet/application to watch what goes on in my ubuntu machine, and when I sort by memory size, the program itself takes up 1.3 gig, 870meg resident. It's a stupid little monitoring program. Is there any way to get it to waste less memory?

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It depends. Does the free command report similar values to what gnome-system-monitor reports?

There was a bug in older builds of gnome-system-monitor that would cause it to report incorrect memory usage amounts. Linux also uses more memory when available to increase overall system performance, similar to that of Windows 7. Having a lot of memory in use is not necessarily a bad thing as memory access times are much faster than disk access times, so the more your OS can hold in memory the better. Unused RAM is wasted RAM.

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Free reports the same, I'm just thinking that the program itself is just a crazy hog for what it does. I've gotten to the point where I think swap is almost completely useless, I never use swap, everything's in memory all the time, which is why it concerns me that this silly tool it taking up an entire gig of memory. – Stu Aug 19 '11 at 17:56

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