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How can I keep Firefox from clearing very large Flash Files downloaded from sites like Is there an option or addon for that?

I don't want to redownload and redownload the same Flash Files everytime I visit the game page.

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About Firefox, which is the version ? I tried with Firefox 6.0

Options -> Privacy -> Retention Policy = private use parameters for history on the "Allow cookies" line -> Exception.

Add "" with "authorized"

When your browser will be closed, if all cookies are deleted, only them with the "authorized" permission will be keep.

Remember : If you use a software like CCleaner CCleaner -> Options -> Cookies -> Cookies to keep; add ""

Hope it help you

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No, I'm good with my cookies and session settings. What I want is that if I clear my cache, it will skip deleting *.swf files, like they are protected. – thenonhacker Aug 25 '11 at 9:37

Not a direct way, but increasing your cache should make it more likely that the downloaded files are retained - it is in options -> options -> offline storage in firefox

enter image description here

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This is one step closer to what I need, but I need something, like an addon where, if I clear my cache, it will skip deleting *.swf files, like they are protected. – thenonhacker Aug 25 '11 at 9:38

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