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On my Android and Windows-based laptop, I use a product called Prey that lets me track, lock-down, and (hopefully) recover my device should it ever be stolen.

They have options for Android, Windows, Mac, and several flavors of Linux.

However, I have a third device I'd like to protect: My Chromebook.

Prey, obviously, isn't going to work for that. What are my options?

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I think I was searching for a similar option online, for the Chromebook and came across this,it is worth a read. Google Chrome - Chromebook Locator

The only such product available according to my knowledge is "Laptop Lookout". This is the only one available in the Chrome Web Store. Check the official website of it also.

Laptop Lookout

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Wow. I'm disappointed at the lack of options out there. – Al E. Aug 22 '11 at 12:57

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