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Does anybody know a maillist to (local) NNTP gateway software? Some maillist systems like Mailman provide to interface the maillist they manage with (a) NNTP (system). This of course can be configured by the Maillist adminiastrator only.

Personally I prefer newsgroups and NNTP clients over maillists and mailclients when it comes to discussing things. Of course all the better MUAs provide threading support for maillists, but still you're dealing with email.

So what I'm looking for is some software that either passively recieves or actively pulls mail from maillist email account and places them in (local) NNTP newsgroups on a local server, or maybe even has that server built in. In a similar fashion, postings to such newsgroups shall be turned into mails to the respective maillist.

Is there such kind of program or do I have to implement this myself?

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Editted following comment.

I have not done it, but I had a look in the past for it. A quick search brought up this:

Seems the general name for this scripts is mail2news. There is an ancient article here:

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I suggest you re-read my original question again: I already stated there, that I was fully aware that Mailman can be configured to feed a NNTP server. My question is about being some guy on the Internet who wants to "subscribe" a local NNTP server to public mailing lists. – datenwolf Apr 9 '15 at 20:08

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