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I want to produce a PDF file out from a DocBook source on a Debian system. What should I do?

Sorry for the n00b way of posting this, but it seems I'm unable to find anything around (compared to LaTeX). And onestly I'm very surprised about that.

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Docbooks are XML, and get transformed to output formats using xslt processing and css stylesheets.

There are some resources online: DocBook xsl seems promising. This docbook format page also.

There seems to be a Debian package to help you called dblatex. It seems to convert from docbook => latex => dvi => pdf under the hood, so be prepared to pull in a bunch of packages for it.

Sorry I can't help further; I use neither docbook format nor the Debian distribution.

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Yeah, I assume dblatex is a good starting point, at least I'm able to produce some output now. – cYrus Aug 23 '11 at 15:18

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