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I have a Dell 2850 rack server and just purchased an Intel SRCS28X 8 port SATA card for it. Previously I ran VMware's ESXi server with no issues, but it wont recognize the new card. I read that the card is essentially a LSI Megaraid rebranded and I should modify the

Well there is no in oem.tgz before install and things are overwritten after install on every boot... Does anyone know how I am suppose to do this?

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A quick Googling found this step-by-step walkthrough on this exact problem - have you already found this...?

Installing VMware ESXi 4 with Intel SRCS28X RAID Controller

The walkthrough is for ESXi 4.0 but there are notes for 4.1 in the comments.

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I definitely already saw that. The oem.tgz file in my question is what they want me to use for – Eric Fossum Aug 27 '11 at 17:53

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