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In my older post, I asked how to assign drive letter through recovery console. And after spend my whole day with Google I got what the problem is.

(1) WinXP must be installed as your first version of Windows to a partition which is "primary" and not "logical".

(2) If WinXP is going to be your first/main Windows, then the partition must also be marked as "active".

(3) This target "active" primary partition must be located on a hard drive that is marked as "hard drive #1" in your BIOS list of hard drives, and that it is placed properly in your "boot device sequence" list in the BIOS.

I got the problem that my C: is Primary but not set to active and my bootable USB is primary and as well as set active. Here is A screen-shot of that using Easeus Partion manager. Now how can I set the partition active to install XP as my first OS.



I tried to set C: as active through EASEUS but there is this option is not enabled. Then I tried using DISKPART but nothing take effect. So now my problem is how can I set my partition as active?

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You have a 100MB primary partition before your (also primary) C volume. XP doesn’t like that. – Synetech Aug 26 '11 at 3:19
@Synetech inc. I did format that but after taking backup from windows 7 disk its comeback there.....:) – avirk Aug 26 '11 at 3:22
Do you still have two primary partitions on the same disk? – Synetech Aug 26 '11 at 7:25

Did you try Disk Management?

Right click My Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management. Right click the desired partition > Set as Active

P.S: C: partition seems your first disk and it contains a small partition -probably created by Windows 7 installation- and it might prevent XP to boot. At least XP will prevent Win7 to boot.

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I tried that but that didn't work also same as there that "active" is disabled there too. – avirk Aug 21 '11 at 5:35
It it's disabled , it might be already marked as active? – Nime Cloud Aug 21 '11 at 13:34
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So here I overcome on this problem after restore from Windows 7 backup I was still not able to install the Xp on my system so I booted from Windows 7 USB and deleted all partition on my system drive and then booted from Windows XP USB and created the partition and get back on Windows XP.

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