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I'm using VLC 1.1.7 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 for listening to MP3s stored on my NAS, which is a QNAP device. My MacBook Pro is connected via Gigabit LAN over a Linksys WRT-610N router.


Every file I play lags every minute or so. There's a short delay or glitch, then it continues to play. How can I get VLC to stream them correctly? Can I enable some buffer?

Things I've checked:

  • It plays local files fine without a problem
  • The network connection itself is not the issue (the NAS streams HD movies to a TV just fine)
  • It occurs on both SMB and AFP mounted shares
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It is possible that the values for file cache times are too low. To be on the safe side, the buffer can be made larger.

Go to Preferences and click the the "All" option.

enter image description here

Navigate to Input and Codecs → Access modules → File. Here, enter larger values than the default ones. I found 1000ms and 3000ms for (local and network playback respectively) to be sane.

enter image description here

Click Save. It might be necessary to restart VLC. Now you don't have any playback problems anymore.

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