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i'd like to use TOR/polipo behind a proxy like below


Couldn't find how to do that. When specifying a parent proxy for polipo, it goes straight for it without using TOR so my IP Adress doesn't change.

Please any idea is welcome.

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For squid:

For generic HTTP proxies

i believe is what you're looking for.

I use tor over a vpn, but i've never used it with an http proxy

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The first link is dead and the apparent title SquidProxy no longer in the wiki, but there's which appears like a replacement. – Karl Richter Jan 25 at 18:24

It can be done.

I use browser -> squid -> polipo -> tor -> web

The only thing is that squid doesn't transparently proxy HTTPS.

To do this, set polipo as the parent cache in squid using the cache_peer.

cache_peer parent. polipo_ip polipo_port icp_port proxy-only default
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