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Often after resume from suspend network manager (gnome, debian wheezy) finds no networks. Sometimes /etc/init.d/network-manager restart will remedy this problem, but more often restarting network manager does nothing.

After a reboot, networks appear as normal.

Rebooting is (generally) inconvenient. What should one do to recover network-manager functionality beyond restarting it?

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This may be relevant:

Before suspending the system, GNOME pauses NetworkManager, which causes weird problems with some wireless drivers. A workaround is to reinsert the apropriate module (for example, modprobe -r ath9k && modprobe ath9k) after the system wakes up.

  • Check dmesg for any strange post-resume messages.

  • Find out what module your wireless card uses; try to reinsert it.

  • Check if sudo pm-suspend has the same problem.
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