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I would love to be able to write my posts on a windows client instead of the crappy textarea box thingy. Is there a Windows client for Tumblr? Something like Live Writer (which for some reason supports EVERY other major platform other than Tumblr)

I am currently evaluating WinTumblr

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Or more accurately, every major platform besides Tumblr supports standard blogging protocols, which Live Writer implements. – digitxp Aug 21 '11 at 23:08

There is a pretty exhaustive list provided by Tumblr. Looks like the only one applicable to you is OpenTumblr.

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Not really. But...there are a few other solutions:

If that doesn't work for you, try these:

  • Copy-pasting: you can copy-paste your blog entry into Tumblr's textarea thingy, from say, Word. Unfortunately that's another step to do, but I'm sure someday somebody will write up a script that'll do it for you.

  • Use Posterous: somebody is going to kill me for suggesting this, but you can always use Posterous's autopost feature to link Live Writer to tumblr.

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