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I would like to know what text editor has the posibility to set numbered bookmarks per file. I manage to configure Eclipse and Visual Studio to have this functionallity using external plugins and i set the same hotkeys to both so is more easy to remember.

For example

Set Bookmark 1 ....Ctrl+Alt+1
Go to Bookmark 1 ...Alt+1

What lightweight text editor offers this posibility?, it doesn't matter if they use external plugins. I would like also to have the chance to set the same hotkey schema. pd: till know i test Notepad++ and Jedit but they only have the normal bookmark feature (Not numbered).

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Well by default GVim allows for letter bookmarks. So in a document pressing m then a would mark your current location as 'a'. Then pressing ` then a would take you back to that location. By default numbers as marks are not supported, but considering how customizeable it is you could certainly override this in your profile if you wanted.

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Thanks EB, I already knew about that but I don't like VIM. My relation with it pass from hate-love-tiredness. A lot of time wasted in learning, that do not payoff in the end because almost any other text editor is CUA compliant, so that knowledge is dead (can not be applied in any other). I need to be fast in all kind of text editors not only in VIM, so right now i use tools(autohotkey scripts primarily) that improve my writing in an agnostic sense (can be applied to any program) –  mjsr Aug 24 '11 at 5:14
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Programmer's Notepad, has this feature built in.

Ctrl-k-n : set bookmark n Ctrl-q-n : jump to the bookmark n

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I know I"m late to the game here, but here're a few more editors that support this feature (which is one I count on every day):

  1. MultiEdit
  2. Any JetBrains IDE (e.g. WebStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, etc.)
  3. Embarcadero Delphi
  4. vi and its clones
  5. conText
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