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I'm trying to provide a mono web service to someone at my house on the local network, but they can't seem to connect on my IP address at port 8080. I can get there via, but he can't via my 192.168 address. What can I do to start troubleshooting this? I've never really investigated a network problem on my Mac before. Sorry if this is a noob question, feel free to direct me to a web resource if it applies.

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I'm assuming you're running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (non-Server), correct? – morgant Aug 30 '09 at 13:11
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Are you running it from the command line? Try explicitly spelling out the ip when you run the server:

xsp2 --address

Or whatever your actual IP is. You could also use the --port flag as well if you wanted to use port 80 or something.

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thanks, this was the solution! – Chris McCall Oct 19 '09 at 18:27

Since, you can locally reach the port and I presume the other person can ping your "192.168" IP address, I'd expect a firewall related problem on the path.

You can probably use the Cocoa Packet Analyzer to check if their connection attempts are reaching your server.

When ping is confirmed to work, the next step is usually to try a "telnet your_ip 8080" from the client side machine to check they can reach the server (no firewall is filtering communication).

From the client side, if telnet connects successfully (don't expect any other activity on telnet with your port 8080) then port 8080 is reachable.

From the server, using a packet analyzer, if you see TCP-SYN packets from the client machine, again connectivity is confirmed. You can probably even use netstat to check recent connections after a telnet attempt.

If all these checks fail to show connectivity, you need to check,

  1. firewall configuration for incoming connections at the server machine
  2. firewall settings on any network devices within your home network
  3. firewall settings on the client machine (this is very unlikely to be a problem)
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its a firewall problem for sure. I'm not a mac person, but Try to disable your firewall also try having the other person go to yourip:80 doubt it, but it might work

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