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I have downloaded over 7000 ebooks from Gutenburg, but the issue is is that they are all in zip files. and each of these zip files is in its own folder. I am trying to move all of the zip files into a folder called ebooks, and after that I can unzip the files to reveal the text files.

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7000 ebooks? if you read one a day, every day, that's 20 years of reading! – RedGrittyBrick Aug 23 '11 at 10:34

Assuming they're all subdirectories of a single folder:

Open a terminal and enter: unzip /path/to/your/directory/*/* -d /your/target/directory/

If your hierarchy is more complicated than that, it would be worth your while (and 1-UP your Unix pwnage skills) to read into the unzip man page (man unzip).

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