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I am inserting my references into my document however whenever I insert references Endnote always places them on the last page of my document.

How can I tell Endnote that i want it to place all my references on page 32 and not my last page?


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Just move the bibliography (select + cut/paste or drag) to where you want it in your document. Existing and future references will be listed together at this point, as you've now moved the target document-location for the bibliography.

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You can compile endnotes anywhere in a document. Just position the insertion point where you want the endnotes compiled and insert an Endnote Placement code.

Choose Insert, Footnote/Endnote. Select Endnote, Endnote Placement. Make your selection. Choose OK all the way back out.

This should work the way you want. If not, write back and let us know.

Source - @Laura Acklen

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I think he's referring to the EndNote product for referencing not endnotes... – Dmitry Selitskiy Aug 24 '11 at 1:34
Oh just spotted the microsoft-word tag, hopefully @beardbread... interesting name, will clarify =) – CodeBlend Aug 24 '11 at 7:57

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