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I use a PHP IDE that has no built-in ability to upload a project to a site.

So, I'm looking for common easy to use tool for Linux that would able to upload modified documents to the server instead of uploading of the whole site.

I also accept shell scripts that would be able to do this.

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Install lftp if you don't have it yet. Then create a bash script containing the following:

lftp -f "
open <hostname>
user <username> <password>
mirror --reverse --delete --verbose $SOURCE $TARGET

Replace <hostname>, <username> and <password> with your actual data.

This will effectively sync your local files to the remote folder, deleting everything that doesn't exist locally anymore (this is the delete option). --reverse specifies that you want to actually update your remote folder instead of your local one.

Have a look at lftp's man page for more details. And always have a backup ready so you don't delete anything in case a command goes wrong.

This is adapted from this script here.

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