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When I open a transparent background PNG, I see a grey-white grid.

Is the grid embedded into the file? How can I change it?

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Oh my god, I'm aghast someone with ~1.5K rep asked this. I don't want to offend or anything, but it's one of those things I thought nobody would ask, like where the sun goes at night. – Camilo Martin Jul 2 '12 at 21:23
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That's there to show that it's a transparent background; it's not actually embedded since it's just the way it's displayed in Photoshop. When you drop that onto your web page / document you won't see the grid.

You can change the parameters for the grid in Photoshop → Preferences → Transparency & Gamut.

enter image description here

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Note to @Kev: other programs use this too. The 'gray/white checkerboard' is the general metaphor for transparent areas of a transparent imgage file. – Rich Homolka Aug 23 '11 at 18:26

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