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I try to open a word document in my web application. It opens fine on localhost, but now I am publishing my web application on a server.

Users that access the published web application (like can not open the word document on their system.

winword.exe opens on the server but can not open the word document.

Access my system to author systems also same problem is coming. (Word document does not open on user's system. The word instance opens on my system.)

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What does your ASP page? Reading the description of your issue, it looks like Word is started by the ASP page on the system where the ASP page runs. That's why it works on your PC, using localhost, as you have Word installed on your PC. You say that winword.exe opens on the server, another proof of that. Maybe the Word document is actually opened on the server, but running in another session or within a different account, the account running the IIS/ASP server.

I'm not sure I understand what you want to do? If you want to serve Word docs to the users, you should not launch them in the ASP page, but simply transfer them to the users browser.

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I believe you need something that will open a .DOC on the client.

The reader (FREE) software should suffice though.



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The user probably does not have software installed to view the document as Daniel said, it would be better to have ASP.NET convert the document to HTML then present it to the user, since this is a more convenient solution for your viewers. You can find out how to use COM objects with Word here.

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It may be that some security measure blocks you from opening documents from the web.
The reason behind it is that Word documents may contain viruses as macros.

To verify if this is indeed the case, you may:

  • Invoke the browser using "Run as administrator"
  • Turn off all anti-virus and firewalls
  • Turn off UAC

If one of these measures corrects the problem, then this will tell you which product needs some tweaking.

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Word documents used to have macro viruses and so are not considered trustworthy even to this day. Will another document format (such as ODF) work?

PDFs used to be a safe bet but that's changing.

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You have code in your asp.net page that opens up the document in word. That is not you do this. You're doing it wrong.

That code runs on the server, not on the client, and so of course Word opens on the server rather than on the client. What you need to do instead is have the http request that results in this code instead use something like Response.BinaryWrite() to return the .doc file to the client's computer. You also add a content-disposition:attachment header along with the correct content-type and the user's browser will then start Word on their machine with that document opened.

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