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How do you get a public link to a file in Dropbox that isn't in a public folder?

How to get a link for file in DropBox folder so I can use it for sharing on the web?

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First off, you have to put the item you want to share into the 'Public' folder in your Dropbox. You can't get a link for anything that's not under the Public folder.

Under Windows, you can then right-click items in the public folder, and under the Dropbox menu, you'll see 'Copy public link'.

Same rules apply for Ubuntu Linux systems. I don't have a Mac with Dropbox to see how it works there, but I'm assuming it's similarly easy to find.

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You don't have to put the item in the Public folder, it can be shared from anywhere. Refer to the dupe. –  Sathya Aug 24 '11 at 6:26

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