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The reason for this is that I got accustomed to navigating the Start Menu with the keyboard, and I find that this is more efficient.

I tried importing the following .reg file, which helped with keyboard browsing and allowed me to avoid using the mouse...


Normally, in Windows XP I only need to use the [WinKey] once and then only [Up]/[Down] [Left]/[Right] -- this is easy and intuitive. But, in Windows 7 I also need use the [TAB] key which is far away from the navigation keys.

In Windows XP all the items are also in a single menu.

How can I get the above Windows XP behavior for my Start Menu?

PS. Thanks for answer. I stay at classicshell which can be downloaded from

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Have a look at Classic Shell, it seems to do what you want.

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That I want! Excellent. +1 – gavenkoa Aug 24 '11 at 13:58

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