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I need to copy files via ssh but I am getting permission denied.

How can I log as a root by windows clients such us FileZilla/WinSCP?

I try execute command:

sudo su, but I am getting error: You must have tty to run sudo.

I try to resolve this error but without luck.

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A little trick is you can use /tmp as a temporary place and then move the files from it, beware of security and space limitations though. –  Shadok Aug 24 '11 at 13:27
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With WinSCP, check the "Avanced Options" box. In the Environnement>SFTP section, select the "sudo su -c /bin/sftp-server" option.

Indeed, your SSH server has to be configured to allow you lauchning such command.

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You have to consider to log in as your root user on the server rather than using su or sudo, this could be done by username or password or via a key file. However, the server should allow you to do this; if not, there is not much that you can do to remotely gain root acces...

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I logged in by key/username which I get from my boss, but it gives me nothing at all, I can't copy files at all –  drupality Aug 24 '11 at 12:52
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What the basic problem here is that there is a protection again non-human input. TTY ensures that the action is performed from keyboard actions, and not from another program. Now there is a way around this.

If you have access to the sodeors file you can deal with this. It is not really recommended but here goes, this is really a way that works.

You open the file /etc/sudoers and you find the following line:

Defaults:myusername    !requiretty

This tells the the system that the user myusername can perform non-keyboard actions. Now you can work with all your files using the sudo command.

Best is to try to avoid this.

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When dealing with Amazon Web Services and WinSCP the adjusting the sudoers keyboard input status does not work because WinSCP continues to throw a SSH command that AWS does not understand and will give a bash error.

I was having the same problem and solved it using the steps in this tutorial. I would have posted it here, but I don't have enough rep for images/screens.


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You could post the summary without screenshots. Posting just a link is not a good practice. –  Olli Mar 6 at 13:26
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