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wmplayer.exe is always running on my Vista Laptop (Dell XPS M1530).I tried killing it but it comes back again and eats up a lot of memory.I checked windows services and did not find any windows media player service running.Here is the configuration of the Media Player services on my laptop.

**Name                                     Status  	     Startup Type**
Windows Media Center Extender Service   	             Disabled
Windows Media Center Receiver Service   	             Manual
Windows Media Center Scheduler Service  	            Manual
Windows Media Center Service Launcher   	             Automatic (Delayed Start)
Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service    	      Disabled

I also tried doing but did not find any devices listed in Mobil Sync Center.

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Have you tried to plug in a device and get it listed there? Afterwards the linked trick maybe works. And I would check, if this wmplayer.exe is a virus in disguise. – John Smithers Aug 31 '09 at 9:23
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Dell Premium Remote Control Service ( WMPCONTROLLERSERVICE.EXE ) was causing this.Once I uninstalled this, the problem went away.

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