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It seems to me that Fog Creek no longer intend to invest time on CityDesk (that by the way I like a lot). Am I right? Is there any alternative to this nice piece of software?

A friend of mine, a photographer, asked me to give him a simple Windows software package to manage and update his website. The site is static, and he knows a little bit of HTML and CSS. I like the 'template' feature of CityDesk, and I would like to introduce him to this concept and at the same time streamline his website management. Can you help me?

EDIT: Sorry for not mentioning it before, but it has to be a desktop client app, since his hosting provider and his "Windows" server are both pretty hard to configure and manage (no ssh, pay per db, no WordPress , no Ruby nor Rails...etc.) and he has already paid for two years with them.

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Is it possible to ask him to use WordPress or Blogspot? Web based blogging engines are much more versatile and useful than desktop ones.

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Although I agree that WordPress isa good option I can't suggest it because he has a 2 years already paid "trap" with a very bad Italian hosting provider that gave him a windows server and deny wordpress installations. Sorry for not mentioning It but It has to be a desktop client app, since his server is pretty hard to configure. –  microspino Aug 8 '10 at 17:42

You can use Kompozer (which is a bit different to CityDesk) as an Desktop App as well as Adobe Dreamweaver (which is paid software).

As an alternative you can use server side content management systems like the following (to name just a few):

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thx neo, a web cms is not an option, (please see my edit above). I will give a shot to kompozer and if It's good to go I come back to "check" you. Paid software could be an option (CityDesk is a paid sw for over than 50 files). –  microspino Aug 8 '10 at 17:51

When we were still working on CityDesk, we considered Adobe Contribute to be one of our competitors.

I'd suggest taking a look at that site, and also there are plugins for Wordpress that will upload a static published site somewhere, so you could install Wordpress on your local machine, publish a static copy of the site and then ftp it to your webserver.

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