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Since I updated to the latest version of Winamp (5.55) each time I restore (unminimize) from the system tray, the media library panel goes to "Now Playing".

Not only is that really annoying since it changes from the media view I want, but it also displays lots of very distracting advertising, not to mention that I really don't give a stuff about the information it shows me. Is there a way to remove this altogether?

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Preferences -> Plugins -> Media Library -> Now Playing -> Click "Uninstall"

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It keeps coming back!! – nickf Aug 31 '09 at 7:25
after uninstalling it? Thats very, well, odd. Maybe remove winamp altogether and reinstall as previously mentioned? – John T Aug 31 '09 at 7:26
even deleting winamp/plugins/ml_nowplaying.dll doesn't change anything – nickf Aug 31 '09 at 7:27
Have you considered taking your PC to an exorcist? – John T Aug 31 '09 at 7:29

When you install Winamp, you can choose not to install the "Now Playing" feature. My suggestion is to just reinstall Winamp and unckeck this option.

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I found how to stop the behaviour for switching to Now Playing:

Options -> Notifications -> Open Now Playing On Click
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