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I use git to persist my ~/.vim directory. I'd like to store my vimrc file in this directory as well so that it will also live in the repository. How do I change the location where Vim searches for the vimrc file?

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You don't. Symlink it instead.

mv ~/.vimrc ~/.vim
ln -s  ~/.vim/.vimrc ~/.vim

You cam do the symlink thing to sync your vimrc through Dropbox as well.

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I think you meant mv ~/.vimrc ~/.vim and ln -s ~/.vim/.vimrc ~/.vimrc". That's what I do, too, as well as ln -s ~/Dropbox/vimfiles ~/.vim`. –  garyjohn Aug 25 '11 at 4:41
Fixed. Thats the last time I answer on a phone at midnight :P –  digitxp Aug 25 '11 at 13:08
For Windows you can use echo source ~/.vim/.vimrc > .vimrc instead, which works better than the actual symlink variant Windows uses. –  Daan Bakker Mar 6 '13 at 22:51

digitxp's answer is probably the better one, but you can tell Vim to look for your vimrc anywhere you like with the -u command-line option, and gvimrc with -U, e.g.:

vim -u ~/.vim/vimrc -U ~/.vim/gvimrc
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