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Is there a way to back-up a my hotmail email account?

I have seen that I must install Windows Live Mail to do so, is there another way?

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What email client do you use? You can configure it to connect to your Hotmail/Live account and download/check it. – Synetech Aug 25 '11 at 6:33

With any email POP3 client you can do that (Thunderbird, OutLook...). You have to configure it for your account, Here are the pop settings.

Incoming Server:

Incoming Port: 995

SSL Encryption: yes

Outgoing Server:

Outgoing port: 25 (use port 587 if the default port is not working)

Authentication: yes

TLS Or SSL: yes

Source of Information

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If you have Outlook, you can configure it to connect to your Hotmail account and copy all the mail. Then you would have a local copy. Here are some instructions. Many other mail clients can perform the same task.

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The easier way is to use Windows Live Mail application which works with Microsoft hotmail/live. Here is the link to download Also you can use outlook with live connector free from Microsoft and have all emails available offline and can back them up using both the applications.

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