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I would like to send a message to group chat from the Windows command line. I know the chat name from skype, lets say it is 'TestChat'.

What is the easiest way to do that?

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The closest thing I could find is a python API Skype4Py, but that would require you to install python and write the script yourself. – John Aug 25 '11 at 11:08
This is an awesome question. I would definitely like to know how to do this from a *NIX terminal too! – kalaracey Aug 25 '11 at 14:59
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Similar to the Skype4Py comment, I would recommend Skype4COM. You'd still need to write the script yourself but there are some examples out there already that show similar things. It's also officially supported by Skype.

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MsgToSkype.exe is a command-line program (22k) that can send messages to another Skype clients using the locally installed & configured Skype client. It uses the Skype4Com API mentioned by Matthew Steeples, but relieves you from dealing with COM.

It cannot send message to a group chat (as described at the above-mentioned page) "due to limitation of the Skype4Com component. To achieve the same goal it is possible to use the Category concept of the Skype interface. A Category allows to define a set of users and MsgToSkype can use this Category and browse it to send Instant Message sequentially to all users located in this one."

However, currently I suspect that this Skype4Com API is obsolete and will cease to work in the near future. But I cannot tell it for sure because it's unclear (for me) how Skype4Com is related to the Skype Desktop API, from which message sending capability is going to be removed.

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  1. Open Notepad
  2. Type these in exactly as shown

@echo off
store "a" "send"
echo you may now send a message through cmd!

rem GetInput
send %result%
echo Message sent
goto :b

  1. Click File-> Save
  2. Click the drop down box and change it to All files
  3. Type Skypemessenger.bat
  4. Enjoy being a skype mod maker

EDITOR'S NOTE - Do not run scripts if you don't know what they do

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Out of curiosity, what did this answer actually do (pre-edit)? The only malicious thing it did was copy C:/Users to the C:/ drive, making a huge mess, correct? – DivideByZero Apr 18 at 5:12
It also had html code, possibly ignored by markdown, that tried to open a window to a specific website. Thus probably it was meant as a spam comment. The user @christian has never written any other questions, answers, or comments on SO, ever. – Ross Presser Jun 8 at 17:05

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