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I want to start a virtual machine on another window panel, but I'm not sure what the command for this would be.

I have:

virtualbox --startvm myvin &

in my

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If you have a "EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager", and you probably do (here is a list), then you can use wmctrl to move the program to another desktop/workspace after it is already started. VirtualBox appears to put the VM name in the Window title, so something like this will probably work for you:

virtualbox --startvm myvin &
sleep 2 # adjust accordingly
wmctrl -r myvin -t 1 # move window containing title 'myvin' to the 2nd desktop

wmctrl may not be installed by default. Install it using your distribution's package-manager if necessary (i.e. apt-get install wmctrl on debian based systems).

Helpful for troubleshooting:

wmctrl -d lists the available desktops.

wmctrl -l lists the available windows (includes window title value).

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thanks for the reply. I'm using openbox. I will give this a try. – asdfa Aug 25 '11 at 19:49

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