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I'm on Ubuntu 11.04. I removed Vim (7.3) using Software Center, so why can I still it?

If I type vim in the Terminal, then Vim starts running. The executables in /usr/local/bin weren't deleted.

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The directory /usr/local is not maintained by package managers, it is reserved for the local administrator. See the FHS standard: – casualuser Aug 26 '11 at 1:24

The system might have vim installed by default, and the version you installed via Software Center is just a newer version and one that gets automatic updates. If you want to see where vim is and get rid of it, run this command in the terminal:

which -a vim

This will show you all the locations that the vim executable is found in. You can remove them if you want to get rid of vim completely (Which you shouldn't really need to do, and isn't advised unless there is some reason you absolutely have to).

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> if you want to get rid of vim completely. — which you really shouldn't unless you need to :P – slhck Aug 25 '11 at 21:48

Ok, to be honest I don't know what happened when I installed Vim. I didn't check if it was already installed.

I used Mercurial to download it from a repository ( I'm new at using Linux. I just followed the instructions that are at the Vim's website. I typed in the terminal the same commands:

hg clone vim
cd vim/src

Nothing more, nothing less.

This created a directory in /home/emmanuel called Vim, and compiled the code in that same directory.

When I type which -a vim in the terminal it shows /usr/local/bin/vim

I wanted to remove it for two reasons:

  1. I can't find the .vimrc file to change the configuration and
  2. I want to install vim-gnome hoping it is a little bit more user friendly.

What do you recommend me to do, specially with the files at /home/emmanuel/vim????

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