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I zero'd out my hard drive with something called kill disk. It unfortunately doesn't have a format option. So now my hard drive is basically 20GB of unallocated space. When I boot from my USB (which has kill disk on it) and then I exit kill disk, I see a DOS prompt.

This is FreeDOS, and has a limited set of executables. However, I can load executables onto my USB and then they will be available for me to use on the freedos prompt.

Question: What executable(s) should I put on this USB so that I can run them and eventually format my hard drive so it is usable again?

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Check your bios (if you can get into it). Some have a primitive format option. – Daniel R Hicks Aug 25 '11 at 22:43

If you're planing on installing another OS, most OS disks have built in disk management, including partitioning and formating.

Unless you just want to set up a partition and leave it as is, I'd simply use the OS disk.

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Can you boot a CD on the system? Try gParted, it's very good. i'm sure you can boot it from USB as well.

Does that help you in your situation?

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You may use any Windows OS disk to format your hard disk, you can also create partitions

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Welcome to Super User! Could you edit your post and explain what means use any Windows OS disk to format your hard disk. It is unclear. – VL-80 Dec 15 '13 at 16:04

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