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I've been searching around for this for a while now, and various sites claim different things, so I'm hoping to get a clear answer here:

Is the side tabs/vertical tabs feature available in the Linux version of Chrome, and if so, how do I enable it?

I've tried the --enable-side-tabs command line switch with no luck. Also there is no option for this in about:flags, as many sites seem to suggest.

I am currently running Chrome version 15.0.861.0 dev on Ubuntu 11.04.

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As far as FRQ's go, they aren't. – new123456 Aug 26 '11 at 0:17

Apparently side-tabs is a deprecated feature.

Too bad, I too was looking for a way to enable them on Linux and came across that ticket...

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The CLI flag is --enable-vertical-tabs (not side tabs), try that, works on a Mac. When started with this parameter, you can right click the tab bar and choose "use vertical tabs".

At least on a Mac, vertical tabs look very ugly though as of yet.

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