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Is there an auto hotkey script or some preference somewhere where, in Windows 7, where I can intercept Ctrl and + and replace with Win and +? Also, an equivalent for Ctrl and - being replaced with Win and -.

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In AutoHotKey:

^+::#+ ; Replace Ctrl-[plus] with Win-[plus]

^-::#- ; Do the same with Ctrl-[dash]

Note that the code above does not cover numpad plus and minus. For those, you need the following


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Win +/- acting like Ctrl +/-

LWin & +::
SendInput ^{+}

LWin & -::
SendInput ^{-}

Ctrl +/- acting like Win +/-

LCtrl & +::
SendInput #{+}

LCtrl & -::
SendInput #{-}
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Autoit Code:

HotKeySet("^{+}", "Transform1") ;captures [CTRL]+[+], Triggers Transform1
HotKeySet("^{-}", "Transform2") ;captures [CTRL]+[-], Triggers Transform2

While 1 ;while loop to keep processor from maxing out

Func Transform1() 
    ;Send("#{+}") ;sends [WIN]+[+]

Func Transform2()
    ;Send("#{+}") ;sends [WIN]+[-]
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