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Java 7 has beeen released last month: Oracle Blog

I'm a private desktop user and I'm considering upgrading my Java 6 SE to Java 7 SE. Can I switch to Java 7 already safely?
I'm using not many Java programs. My main Java programs I use are:

  • Eclipse Helios
  • Libre Office 3.3.3
  • JDownloader

Is there somewhere in the Internet a incompability list for Java 7 ? I wonder how good the backwards compability for Java 7 is. I've found no information on the net.

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From the java.com download page: Recommended Version 6 Update 27. –  SvW Aug 27 '11 at 9:34

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In theory Java 7 is backwards compatible, but it had some known problems with the original release, see http://www.developerfusion.com/news/123346/java-7-breaks-apache-projects/ A fix already exists and should be already included in the official download. Basing on this, I'd wait.

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