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I modified sources.list and now it wont load. I took everything out except for the first line and it still errors out. Any ideas based on it's output?


deb natty main


Ign natty InRelease

Ign natty Release.gpg

Ign natty Release

Ign natty/main TranslationIndex

Ign natty/restricted TranslationIndex

Err natty/main i386 Packages

404 Not Found

Err natty/restricted i386 Packages

404 Not Found

Ign natty/main Translation-en_US

Ign natty/main Translation-en

Ign natty/restricted Translation-en_US

Ign natty/restricted Translation-en

W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

W: Failed to fetch 404 Not Found

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The sources.list generator at repogen looks to be a good way to get a customized sources file. Try using that to get a feel for the syntax and content of the file.

A proxy could be configured such that it wouldn't let you access the server. To fix this you must open /etc/apt/apt.conf and change or remove Acquire::http::Proxy

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