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I've tried IronAHK and xbindkeys. Xbindkeys was ok I guess and ironAHK didn't compile. Just wondering if there's better. Maybe something to where I could set emacs-like bindings when certain programs come into focus. A mix between devilspie and xbindkeys. So long as it can execute shell commands it's good enough.

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Last time I did a research on that I've stopped on Autokey. It's not an ideal though. E.g. you can "send keys" to programs, but not to x-server: you can't send a "Switch keyboard layout" keys for example (of course you can send them - but it gives no effect...). Also I can't record macro (there is a button - but it looks like it's not yet fully developed).

Still here are some scripts I use (you can bind them to a key). This inserts date:

 #Enter script code
 output = system.exec_command("date +%b'-'%d'-'%Y")

And this one inserts previous copied item:

 #Enter script code
 output = system.exec_command("qdbus org.kde.klipper /klipper getClipboardHistoryItem 1")

Also it's not easy to find manual on the official site. And the copy of manual is here.

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