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Is there a TextMate Plugin that provides a simple shell window within the editor window? I use the "Missing Drawer" plugin, which replaces the built-in project drawer, so i guess that it is basically possible to build such a thing. But is something like this out there?

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I guess if you didn't find it via Google you won't find it here.

I've never seen such a plugin but there's a command to open a new window in the directory of the active file:


I think it's part of the shell scripting bundle.

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I already use the 'Missing Drawer' which has a Button for opening the selected Folder in my favourite Terminal, but +1 for the Keystroke ;) – Patrick Oscity Sep 5 '11 at 17:23

If you are actually writing something for the shell... which is presumably and presumptuously why you want the shell.. Cmd+R will RUN your command/script! Sorry if this is obvious.. but I use it all the time, and hadn't been aware of the fact until recently that this was possible.. It is also context aware, and semi-smartly "runs" whatever is "appropriate" for the type of "document" on which you are "working on".

Edit: Since you want to stay "in" Textmate, but still have access to a real shell, I recommend Visor or dTerm - both of which will handle the job, with easy. Personally, I like Visor.

enter image description here

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I know that command, but thanks :). What i actually want is a shell window to make textmate kind of an 'IDE'. I often find myself switching between textmate and iterm, for things like rails development. Therefore, i thought that it would be very handy to have a built-in shell... – Patrick Oscity Sep 13 '11 at 10:16

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