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I'm not getting any content in several places including:

  • Windows Task Manager (tabs are really tiny. Nothing in lists)
  • Symantec
  • Skype (tried reinstalling)
  • System Restore

Even Gmail was causing a crash in IE9, and partial rendering in Chrome.

Seems like some subsystem that these programs hook into has corrupted. Is there a good way to repair this behaviour?

When did this start being a problem? I powered the laptop off as I was in a rush (not a graceful close). Restarted, and it said "repair"? I let it try to repair, and after waiting for a long time, I decided to restart and see if it would started up normally. Subsequently, I have let it install a windows update. Had issues with skype before the update, so, I assume that some subsystem is broken.

A "system restore" is not possible right now, as I can't see any content inside the screens that I'd use to start off that action.

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I limped by for the last four weeks. Had to go back to the dos prompt for a number of things.

I applied some Windows Updates this morning, rebooted, and now everything works again. Thanks Microsoft for fixing it up. I suspect that Microsoft may have caused the issue... but never mind.

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