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My torrents is currently downloading to C:\Users\Joseph\Downloads

I want to change it to another location (say C:\Downloads)

But of course the torrents (about 5 of them) have not finished downloading. Is there a way to make a shift or will I have to either wait till they are finished downloading or restart the downloads?

(Windows Vista Home Premium sp 2)

PS: I have both Bittorrent and uTorrent and would like to migrate both of it to another location (in case it works for one but not the other)

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  1. Stop the torrent
  2. Create the new location (eg. C:\Downloads)
  3. Copy/move files from original location (eg. C:\Users\Joseph\Downloads) to new location
  4. Right click torrent in uTorrent > 'Advanced' > 'Set Download Location...' > select the new location
  5. Right click again > 'Force Re-Check'
  6. Once it's done checking, start the torrent again
  7. Repeat for all torrents you want to move
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